'No More Bloody Secrets' Campaign: 

COVID Response -

Indigenous Communities

In partnership with 'Finding Our Way Together'

So I've gotten alot of questions asking

Indegenous communities in Northern Ontario need hygiene and PPE supplies.


We have made arrangements in collaboration with the organization 'Finding our way together' to deliver 150 HAGO packages to these communities.

Help us to collect our 



We are heading to Jamaica in January to support 500 girls in school with sanitary & hygiene products in our HAGO care packages. 

Host a kit packing party with your friends, co-workers, your class, your church or your family.

You may use 'Kits for a cause' to organize this event for you!

Help A Girl Out launched the "No More Bloody Secrets" campaign in April 2019.  

We flooded Instagram and Facebook stories with positive arguments surrounding menstruation hoping to remove the shame and stigma from the conversation. 

We also ventured out into the community and had conversations with males and females about periods and menstruation.

Watch our YouTube video:


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