5,000 Reusables Project

Help Us End Period Poverty for at-risk Canadians

What is the project about?

The 5,000 reusables project is a new initiative that aims to sew reusable menstrual pads for Canadians at risk of Period Poverty. Selected among only seven other black and indigenous-led organizations the project received funding under Toronto Pearson International Airport’s Propeller Project.

The goal is to provide 1,000 individuals in some of the most period poverty-prone areas/situations with a cycle supply of reusable pads that will create menstrual equity for years.

How can you help?

We're actively seeking volunteers to help us sew 5,000 reusable menstrual pads in an effort to support menstruators across the country who have been identified as being at high risk of period poverty which affects a large percentage of Canadians, most of whom are youth under 25 years old -- low-income students, families and the homeless.

We’re also collecting donations as we'd like the care packages to include hygiene products as well. If you'd like to donate item(s) to these care packages you may reach out to us, via our website's contact form, or email us at contact@helpagirlout.org, everything helps.

Please share this initiative among your network or with the media to help us reach more sewers and possible recipient groups.

Care packages;

  • A pack of 5 reusable menstrual pads, a wet bag & instructions on how to use and care for them.

  • A rubber hot water bottle (heating pad) to relieve menstrual cramps

  • Hygiene essentials; soaps, dental care, deodorants, etc.

  • Educational resources about menstruation, period poverty, and ways to get involved/share their story.