Meet The Team

Yanique Brandford


Project and Outreach management

Yanique is a Medical physics student at Ryerson University. She founded the nonprofit Help A Girl Out single handedly in 2016. Yanique has struggled with period poverty firsthand as a teenager when she was living in the Caribbean. Later on in her life, as a response to the realization of how widespread period poverty and period shame is, she started her advocacy from her very own community. Her passion to spread menstruation equity and female empowerment has equipped her with the momentum and inspiration to keep up with her work and establish a nonprofit. Yanique has a strong interest in period awareness and elimination of period shame as a common barrier for female prosperity. 

Dena Monjazebi

Fundraising, networking and community awareness

Dena is a PhD candidate in Medical Physics at Ryerson University. During her master's her focus of studies was women’s health and more specifically breast cancer. Dena has a strong interest in women’s health, education, gender equity and fostering empathy for those less fortunate. In Iran, she was a member of a suppressed community where she had to struggle with cultural, educational and gender discrimination. In Iran, Dena was an educator in schools and institutions founded for students who were banned from education. As a marginalized woman in science, female empowerment and education are a major priority in her life.