• Help A Girl Out Charity

HAGO has started a youtube channel that will be used to spread awareness, to provide period workshops and to host tutorial videos for the general public.

Some of the videos to expect in the near future are;

" Introduction to Help A Girl Out (HAGO)"

"Introduction to periods"

"How to approach your daughter's first period..."

"How to sew your own reusable napkins"

Just to name a few!

Here is our first video... Remember to subscribe!

See You soon!

  • Help A Girl Out Charity

Updated: Sep 28

At HAGO we take periods seriously...

We are against the shame, stigma, judgement, and lack of education that has plagued generations of women, and we are dedicated to making this change for future generations.

Our team is dedicated to Ending Period Poverty in Canada and developing countries around the world. We would love to have you join our efforts !

Contact us to learn more about our efforts and how you can help.

  • Help A Girl Out Charity

Updated: Sep 28

HAGO launched the daily dose of period positivity campaign the first week of September 2020.

In the midst of all the chaos of the pandemic, we thought that bringing some positivity to our social media timeline was the best way to start off the new school year.

We flooded Instagram and Facebook stories with selfies of millennials who showcased positive messages surrounding periods, self-love, self-care, hygiene and mental health.

We also shared educational posts raising awareness around various uterine illnesses.

Visit @HelpAGirlOutCharity on Instagram to see our posts!

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