Jade John is a 16 yo HAGO volunteer, she enjoys writing poetry about issues that are important to her. Here is a poem she wrote about women being strong and being able to overcome the pain, stigma and shame that may come with having periods. 

'Proud Woman' - Jade John

Women are warriors

Being able to go through the pain

Worrying if we have sprung a leak, or not

Embarrassed of what people will say

Smuggling pads & tampons to the washroom

Hoping no one will see

But deep down inside you wonder if anyone even cares


Women are warriors

Girls are missing school because of excruciating pain

But will anyone ever care explain?


Women are warriors

Our Periods happen,

month after month, Year after year

We fight the pain, sometimes it’s so much to bare


Women are warriors

When will period poverty be brought to light?

When will it be recognized that pads and tampons are a necessity, not a want?

When will people be blessed with their hygienic needs?


Woman, the time is now

To get rid of the shame,

To stop the period stigma,

To preserve feminine pride and dignity 

And fight back against society for women's rights and needs 


Woman are warriors 

Because besides all these needs

That have not been reached

We go through all this, 

And all the pain it brings

Physically and emotionally 

And still...

I am proud to be a woman