Meet  the Team


Project & Outreach Management

Yanique is a BioMedical Physics MSc student at Ryerson University, her research focuses on developing a new imaging modality for proton therapy cancer treatment.


She founded Help A Girl Out single handedly in 2016. Yanique has struggled with period poverty firsthand as a teenager when she was living in the Caribbean and during her undergraduate degree in Canada.

As a response to how widespread period poverty and period shame is, she started her advocacy from her very own community until officially registering HAGO in 2018.

Her passion to spread menstruation equity and female empowerment has equipped her with the momentum and inspiration to keep up with her work and establish a nonprofit. Yanique has a strong interest in period awareness and elimination of period shame as a common barrier for female prosperity. 

Yanique Brandford

Fundraising, Networking &

Community Awareness

Dena is a PhD candidate in Medical Physics at Ryerson University. During her master's her focus of studies was women’s health and more specifically breast cancer. Dena has a strong interest in women’s health, education, gender equity and fostering empathy for those less fortunate.

 In Iran, she was a member of a suppressed community where she had to struggle with cultural, educational and gender discrimination. In Iran, Dena was an educator in schools and institutions founded for students who were banned from education. As a marginalized woman in science, female empowerment and education are a major priority in her life. 

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Dena Monjazebi

Local & International Outreach


Connet Johnson Fray is a personal support worker at Trillium Hospital with a passion for helping others. She is the inspiration behind the movement '5,000 Reusable pads for Underprivileged Canadian girls' project that is currently in its planning stages and is a testament of her past experience creating cardboard and plastic pads for her young children while they lived in Jamaica. Her struggle with period poverty fuels her determination to End Period Poverty everywhere.

She has since made it her life goal to create safe and sustainable napkins for young girls in school and society. She hopes to extend the movement to developing countries in the Caribbean and Africa.

Connet Fray

Volunteer Coordinator

Andrea is a George Brown College graduate who works at Rodgers Communications as an Executive Assistant. She has a heart for volunteerism and has been involved in various community outreach programs with non-profit organizations to help feed and clothe the underprivileged.

 Andrea’s own experience with period unawareness and period shame as a youth has driven her to help prevent other females from having similar experiences; she believes that no female should be ashamed of their period. 


Andrea values teamwork and collaboration and believes that "One can be good but a team can be great", and that together we can empower a generation to shed the stigma of menstruation.

The solution to the period poverty crisis will be founded when society, males and females, join forces to advocate for proper access, health care, sanitation and education.

Andrea Williams

Events Manager

Alesia Simpson-Malcolm is a graduate of the Social Service Worker program and Humber College alumni. She currently works as a Caseworker as well as an ordained pastor whose vision is to see others grow and excel in life.​  Ultimately, being passionate about helping others became her driving force to leave the corporate world behind and join the field of social work where her experiences throughout life gave her the foundation and desire to work with members of the community.

Mentor, coach, facilitator, writer, poet, and spoken word artist - lover of the performing arts, she encourages everyone to find their voice and express themselves in their own individual way. 

She enjoys speaking hope and life, empowering others to follow their own dreams, and complete their own journeys.  She continues to fight for equality and equity among all races, genders, sexes, and ages, as she believes that every person deserves to be treated like a human being – with respect, dignity, love, and kindness.

Alesia Simpson