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Period Product Support Program (PPSP)

In an attempt to reach persons experiencing period poverty at home, or on the street during the pandemic, HAGO responded by implementing a program that is on the frontlines of fighting period poverty in Canada.

In order to receive a kit, candidates must fill out the application form on the outreach page of this website. Based on the answers to the questionnaire, eligible recipients receive a 1-3 month supply of menstrual products delivered to their door or to be picked up at a drop-in centre.

Eligible to candidates across Canada!

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Reusable pads Nigeria Collab

Reusable Pads for
100 school girls 

In January of 2021, Help A Girl Out in collaboration with Ruby's Love Foundation in Nigeria successfully funded and distributed packs of reusable sanitary pads to over 120 Nigerian Girls.

The distribution was also followed by a workshop on period education, period positivity as well as a tutorial on how to properly use the pads.


JamaicaChristmas 2020


Christmas Outreach

Our HAGO ambassadors distributed over 30 care packages for low income girls in the parish of St. Elizabeth.

The packages contained packs of sanitary napkins, candies and a Christmas card.

Christmas Gift Drive Canada;

A total of 60 gifts for women and children were collected wrapped and donated.

20 HAGO care packages and gifts were donated to the LIFE project's Community Assisted Meal Program (CAMP) at Midtown Mall in Oshawa.

40 gifts were donated to the redemption Thrift store and food bank on December 22nd.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gift Drive.png
Indigenous Youth Centre & Women's Centre

HAGO x Ryerson's PowWow Shelter Outreach 2020

A total of 90 care packages were donated.

45 were donated to the Native Women's Resource Centre & 45 to Native Youth Resource Centre, in Toronto.

We hope that our care packages will be instrumental in helping to alleviate menstrual poverty in the indigenous community, we are so grateful that we were able to help in our small way.

Completed Nov. 2020

Beige Photo International Day of the Wor

Indigenous Communities

in Remote Northern Ontario

HAGO x Finding Our Power Together

In May of 2020, after the news of their first case of covid-19, HAGO in collaboration with the orgainzation 'Finding Our Power Together' responded to the call for supplies.

HAGO contributed 200 care packages to the effort. The items were carried by truck then air in order to reach the isolated communities.

Supplies in these regions are very scarce and therefore more expensive, we would like to assist these communities again in the future, if we are able to raise enough funds for transport.

Completed May 2020

Adelaide Resource Centre Toronto 1.jpg

International Women's Day 2020 Outreach

50 care packages and wrapped gifts were donated to the Adelaide Resource Centre for women in Toronto.

We spent the morning celebrating with the ladies as there was also a birthday party happening that day. We watch as they opened their gifts and exchanged items with each other.

It was a very good day!

Completed April 2020


Maxi Pad Drive 2019

Our 2019 Maxi Pad drive is underway, in support of 600 Jamaican school girls, in collaboration with the Jamaican 'HerFlow' Organization.


We will be in Jamaica distributing the care packages low-income communities.


Rescheduled to Spring 2021.


Christmas Drive 2018

Last Christmas HAGO packed 200 care packages and wrapped 70 gifts for women.  The slogan & aim for the drive was to "Make ALL Females Feel Special this Christmas'. It was a huge success thanks to the generosity of our donors.


We distributed 100 to in shelters and soup kitchens. The remaining bags were put towards our 2019-20 outreach.

Completed Dec. 2018


Proctor & Gamble Canada |   Community of Mississauga and Toronto   |


Rogers - Brampton    |   Aviva Canada - Vaughan   |   Southwire Canada - Mississauga   |   Ryerson University Career Centre   |   TorontoNew Birth Tabernacle - Etobicoke


School Supply Drive

HAGO had a 'back to school' drive in which we collected school books and writing utensils in support of underprivileged kids.

Completed Summer 2019

Summer Product Drive 2018

HAGO's Summer 2018 product drive was the start of the 'Pink bag' movement, our distinctive care packages were well received by the community.


They were distributed on the streets to folks that identified as homeless, in shelters and soup kitchens in Brampton & Toronto GTA.

Completed Summer 2018


The community of Brampton and Mississauga


Interested in Hosting a Drive?