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Affordable and Sustainable Period Products

In 2021 it is time to find certain alternatives to better the planet and environment. For people who menstruate, changing from wasteful period products to sustainable ones is a great place to start. Most women usually have an average of 9 to 12 periods per year. That is around 60 days every year that a woman has to use some form of product that absorbs their period which can add up to a lot of waste throughout her years. Many of these products, such as tampon applicators, are non-recyclable. Every effort counts and contributes toward the health of the environment and your own body.

The list below features the top-rated and most affordable sustainable period products.

1. Biodegradable Pads

There are many biodegradable options for pads and most of them are made from plants and are hypoallergenic. Compared to the regular pads, this option provides the same absorbency and protection while also doing good for the environment. They are also better for your skin since they are natural and not infused with chemicals like bleach.

Organic Regular Pads, $9 for 10 -

Organic Bamboo Pads, $10 for 14 -

2. Organic Tampons

Most people feel more comfortable using tampons when they menstruate. Using organic tampons that are eco-friendly is a great option for those who want to make a difference while also being the most comfortable throughout the day.

Veeda Natural All Cotton Tampon Non-Applicator, $10 for 32 -

Organic Regular Tampons with Applicator, $9 for 16 -

3. Reusable Pads

There have been multiple improvements made to the reusable pad throughout the years. They started off being a bit bulky but now these pads are slim, flexible, and comfortable. One of the reasons that this is a better option is that it can absorb more than a regular pad.

Lunapads Maxi Pad & Insert, $20 -

Everyday Organic Cloth Pads, $30 -

4. Period Underwear

These can be a little intimidating at first and you may feel a bit uncomfortable when thinking about free-bleeding all day, but this underwear can still offer the same protection as normal pads. The two options below are the most pleasant, absorbent, and can hold around five tablespoons of blood. The cotton is washable and will feel comfortable for the whole day depending on the heaviness of your period.

Knix Leakproof Bikini Underwear, $25 -

KnixTeen Leakproof Cotton Underwear, $20 -

5. Menstrual Cup

You have probably heard of a menstrual cup since they are one of the most promoted sustainable period products. With these, there is no need to throw away any products and they are one of the most popular sustainable options. These menstrual cups are safe to use, easy to clean, and can last you a few years. These cups can also be used for around 12 hours a day depending on the heaviness of your flow.

Pixie Menstrual Cup, $20 -

TAMPAX Heavy Flow Menstrual Cup, $20 -

As long as you care for your sustainable products as instructed, they are just as sanitary as the ones wrapped in plastic. You can sanitize most menstrual cups with soap and boiling water, and period underwear and reusable pads can be rinsed and go through the wash cycle.

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