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Inspiring Story Submission

We've been busy at Help A Girl Out! With our period product support program, our No More Bloody Secrets campaign, and many more initiatives, April has been eventful.

Our mission is to make periods positive for everyone and making sanitary products accessible to all women regardless of their circumstance is where we start. Menstruation is normal and it's time for society's outlook to be adjusted.

This story submission we received anonymously is powerful and makes what we do at HAGO more rewarding:

"I want to reach out and say what you are doing is such a beautiful thing and it has really brought me back to such a difficult time in my life. I got my period when I was in 4th grade, yes, at 8 years old. My mother was so consumed with drugs and alcohol and the men that would provide that for her that she wouldn't buy pads for me. My grandmother was the hardest worker and had a job at a local school working the evening shift as a custodian. I would call her and she would try to leave work 10 minutes early to go to the drugstore before it closed at midnight, drive to our apartment and bring me pads. I have never heard of period poverty before [HAGO] and it just made me break down and cry. Thank you for what you are doing, it's truly amazing."

Thank you for sharing this story and your strength. Let's come together to end period poverty, achieve gender equality, and build self-esteem.

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