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Menstrual Hygiene Day!

On Friday, May 28th we raise awareness of the importance of menstrual hygiene. Since German non-profit WASH United initiated Menstrual Hygiene Day in 2014, celebrations around the world have occurred. MH Day is a global platform that brings together the voices and actions of non-profits, government agencies, individuals, and the media to promote good menstrual health for all women and girls. This day raises awareness and changes negative stigmas around menstruation. It also engages decision-makers to increase the priority and action for menstrual hygiene at global, national, and local levels.

Poor menstrual hygiene caused by a lack of education, persisting taboos and stigmas, and limited access to menstrual products disrupt the educational opportunities, health, and overall social status of women around the world. This has kept millions of women and girls from reaching their full potential. Many organizations focus on developing design standards for female-friendly facilities, creating educational resources, and promoting the availability of menstrual products. By providing adequate and safe sanitation we can promote equity and opportunity for women.

At Help a Girl out we celebrate and support menstruation and promote equality for all women. As a non-profit, our main goal is to end period poverty and to make menstrual hygiene products accessible for all. Today we celebrate and recognize the importance of menstrual health and raise awareness for those who do not have equal access to menstrual products.

For more go to our Instagram @helpagirloutcharity and Twitter @HelpAGirlOutNP.

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