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Period Products Support Program (PPSP) Launch

Today we are launching our Period Product Support Program for the GTA area. This is an exciting new step for us to help and end period poverty! See the details below.

We are running two different streams of the program. The first stream will be in collaboration with the St. James Town Community Corner in Toronto. The second stream of the program is open to the public and anyone in the GTA that are experiencing period poverty. You can fill out the application form located on our website under the drive tab anytime. Once you apply and are approved we will ship or drop the products off directly at your home. If you live around the St. James Town Community then you can contact the St. Jamestown Corner and fill out that same application for them.

In each box, there is a 1 to 3 month supply of menstrual products. You can choose between pads and tampons, reusables, menstrual cups, only pads, or only tampons. All products of your choice will be sent in the package. The application is now open and we will be determining whether or not you are eligible based on how you answer the questions.

Check out the form below!

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