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Period Through the Ages Virtual Event Recap

This International Women's Day, Help a Girl Out hosted a virtual event to celebrate the day. Our members Calissa, Dena, Beth, and our founder Yanique hosted an inspiring and educational event called "Periods Through the Ages".

Some highlights:

History of the Period

Ancient Times

  • Lighter menstruation cycle, menstruation associated with magic and sorcery

Medieval Times

  • Use makeshift pads, considered dirty, religious shame

Modern Day

  • 'Period' became common and menstrual products developed

21st Century

  • Birth control, alternatives to pads created, period poverty becomes more widely understood

Ancient Substitutes

  • Pieces of wood wrapped in linen used as a tampon

  • Free bleeding

  • Strips of papyrus

  • Pieces of cloth

  • Fresh grass

  • Cow Dung

  • Sea Sponge

History of Menstrual Products

1896 - Johnson and Johnson created the sanitary napkin (pads)

1900s - Mary Kenner invented the sanitary belt and the sanitary apron was invented

1919 - Kotex invented the disposable pad

1960s - Adhesive strips were introduced by Stayfree and the tampon was created!

1980s - Wings on pads were introduced by Libresse

2000s - Menstrual cups became popularized

Some takeaways:

  • Periods and menstruation have come a long way from the ancient times

  • Myths and stigmas are still present in certain cultures

  • Period products have evolved and are still evolving

  • Period poverty is even more prominent in the 21st century

  • Periods are not something to be embarrassed about or to be seen as dirty

  • You are powerful, strong, and beautiful whether you are menstruating or not

Thank you so much to all of our participants and all of our presenters who made this event possible!

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