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Red Dress Day

On May 5th we recognize and raise awareness for the missing and murdered Indigenous women. The REDress Project started as an initiative in 2010 and began as a commemorative art installation by Jamie Black who is a Métis artist. Since then, people across Canada have participated by hanging red dresses in trees to bring awareness to Indigenous issues. Many people wear red dresses to honor the day but if you can’t, you can hang them up on your balcony or front porch as a show of respect.

At HAGO we stand for women empowerment and against the violence and struggles that women face. Many Indigenous women have been stolen from their families with no explanation or justice and that is why this day is necessary. For the women who have gone missing or have been murdered, this day represents a time for reflection and mourning. For our fellow sisters who have been lost, we as a community need to raise awareness and fight so that no woman becomes a victim again.

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