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Tips and Tricks For PMS

PMS often affects us in our everyday lives but the symptoms don't have to be unbearable. Here are some tips and tricks that can hopefully help you lessen the pain.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a condition that affects menstruators during certain days of their period. Usually, PMS affects a woman's emotions, physical health and behaviour during and around the time of their period.

1. Stock-Up on Snacks!

If you know your moods tend to swing, it is always wise to have your favourite snacks handy. Most people tend not to buy snacks to stay healthy and save money, which is great if you have the self-control! But not being prepared can lead you to spend money on take-out which is not the best option.

2. Have a Period Tracker

You can either pull out a journal or download an app to log your periods. It is great to get a notification for when you can expect your period or to know when you are ovulating so that you can track your emotions as well.

3. Exercise

Yes, exercise actually will help. It is easy to ignore your fitness routine when you feel emotional or stressed, which is absolutely fine to do if you need a break. But do not avoid this helpful task. Pilates and yoga are great to help with your period flow and direct your attention to other things. Like a downward dog!

4. Bring a Pad

If you are feeling the effects of PMS, it is always helpful to be prepared. Carrying a pad with you will often relieve your worries and frustrations if your period surprises you!

5. Eat Clean and Drink a Lot of Water

For people with PMS symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), cramps, nausea, etc... it is vital for them to keep their diet well-balanced. Avoid caffeine as much as you can, eat your vegetables, and mostly just drink water. It is important to nourish yourself with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D and Iron.

Last note: if you are feeling changes in your mood and behaviour around the time of your period, it is important to take care of yourself. Take a breathe, relax, do something that makes you happy.

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