Volunteer Testimonials

Jess, Volunteer

" As a volunteer for 'Help A Girl Out', I learned a lot from my experiences and I grew as a person; from packing bags to doing outreach at various shelters. I've learnt a lot about the situations and struggles faced by the people there.

Also the gratitude from the recipients of the care packages is always rewarding, especially knowing that you were able to make their day.

Being able to be a part of a movement that positively impacts others, is rewarding in its own way."

* Jess was HAGO's very first volunteer!

Addie, Volunteer

" Volunteering with HAGO was a fulfilling and educational experience. As a woman, it was shocking and disheartening to realize how many things I had taken for granted where period hygiene was concerned.


HAGO is an amazing way to help bridge the unjust gap causing  period poverty by not only providing essential period supplies to those in need but also educating the masses about the injustice being experienced by others in an attempt to someday close that gap all together."

Devin, Volunteer

"Help A Girl Out is a really great cause. I really enjoyed working here with the other volunteers.

Even as a non-menstruator, I really appreciate the opportunity to provide these essential products to women who need them."

Alessia, Volunteer

" Such important work is being done to ensure people in the GTA don't have to choose monthly between food and sanitary products. 

Volunteering with Help A Girl Out allowed me to recognize my privilege, to support something I am passionate about, and to impact my community.

I encourage everyone to donate their time or menstrual supplies if they are able to ! "

Nicole, Volunteer

"I chose to support this cause because I think having sanitary napkins be accessible is important. Its not a luxury but a necessity for all women.


Even back home in Ghana Period poverty is an issue, women use all sorts of items for menstrual products.

It's also sad that this issue still happens even in developed countries, like Canada. "

Shunae, Volunteer

My volunteer experience with HAGO was exceptional and humbling. At the time, I was experiencing some hardships however, by volunteering I was able to put my own personal affairs aside and focus on women who needed help.

The experience educated meon an issue I so easily overlooked. I was unaware that so many women, even here in Canada struggle to afford feminine hygien products. I recommend volunteering at HAGO, the founder is an extraordinary woman who is doing extraordinary things.

Kim, Volunteer

" I believe that Help a Girl Out is a great organization for me to get involved with because I strongly believe all women should have access to hygiene products no matter their circumstances.

It would be great if products were freely given out in all the bathrooms and it wouldn't marginalize those who have to access them."

Neha, Volunteer

"The issue of Period poverty must be acknowledged. We must do what we can to ensure that women have the right materials to deal with their periods. 

The members of HAGO are truly dedicated to raising awareness about this issue. They genuinely care about helping others and making a change around the world.

It has been a pleasure assisting Yanique and her team in helping other girls! I can't wait to be a part of more ventures with this great organization."


Angel, Volunteer

" It was a great experience volunteering and taking the time out to pack bags for the women, I am glad I got to help out and lend a helping hand ! "

Nona, Volunteer



Troy & Taleeba, Volunteers

"Volunteering with Yanique and her non-profit “Help A Girl Out” has been a wonderful experience. Being a male it was great for me to learn about period poverty and the challenges some females have to face. It was humbling knowing that I was apart of helping solve a real problem in this world that needs more attention. "

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